Why Shire Prep ?

A nurturing environment for your child’s first learning experience out of the home

The Shire Prep program plays a significant part in the adjustment, nurturing and training of our children in what is - for many - their first learning experience outside of the home.

The year before Kindergarten provides an exciting opportunity to capture their God-given curiosity and sense of adventure.

At Shire Prep your child can learn to adjust and develop school readiness through play, language-based activities and other structured learning experiences. Read here about Shire Prep’s curriculum and here about our activities.

Experience a secure, supportive transition

Because we are committed to provide a secure, supportive transition from home to school, you and your child experience the warm, friendly and caring atmosphere created by our staff and community.

Fast Facts

  • Shire Prep is open between 8.45am and 2.45pm. It is a class for four and five year olds in the year before formal school entry. More information here.
  • Prep is staffed by two fully qualified and experienced early childhood teachers. They are assisted by teachers’ aides.
    Meet them here.
  • The Prep class has a well-equipped, air-conditioned classroom and a secure, architecturally designed playground. Read more.
  • Book a tour, details about
    enrolment and fees here.
  • General information for new families here.
  • Children should be four by the end of March in the year they commence at Shire Prep.