Part of something bigger

As part of Shire Christian School, Shire Prep shares in the rich, proud and blessed history of the school. Read more about Shire Christian School here.

Launched in 2007, Shire Prep started out with one class, two or three days per week (Monday to Wednesday). Soon the demand for a second class was clear and one was established on Thursdays and Fridays. For both of these Wednesday is an optional third day.

Class Size

There are approximately 20 students in each class, with one teacher and one teacher's aide.

Days and Hours

You may choose to enrol your child in a two or three-day program. Two classes operate throughout the week:

Prep 1

Monday and Tuesday (plus Wednesday for three-day students)

Prep 2

Thursday and Friday (plus Wednesday for three-day students)

Prep hours

8.30am to 2.35pm


Children should be four by the end of March in the year they commence at Shire Prep. 

Shire Prep offers a Christian early-childhood environment, coupled with a kindergarten-readiness that only an on-site prep class can provide.