Our Prep children are exposed to many varied, fun and exciting learning experiences. These include excursions, visits from others to the classroom, and bush play in Shire Christian Schools’ unique bush area.

Special events we do every year:

  • Dress-up days
  • Mother’s Day activities and celebration
  • Father’s Day activities and celebration
  • Infants (Prep to Year 2) Athletics Carnival
  • Christmas Concert

Prep has been involved in a variety of special days and excursions, varying from year to year. These have included:

  • Police visits
  • Visit to the Fire Station
  • Farm excursion
  • Bike Days
  • Teddy Bears’ Picnic

Making 'big school' more welcoming

The benefits of being part of a "big school" are many, including the visits from - and to - older students. These visits serve as an introduction to the broader community and assist with the transition to Kindergarten.

Shire Prep offers a Christian early-childhood environment, coupled with a kindergarten-readiness that only an on-site prep class can provide.